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Canned Goods

Just fired up the dehydrator. The smell of garlic and tomato is still on my hands. Got me in the mood for a little Greg Brown…. Do you have any memories of helping someone in the kitchen growing up…even if … Continue reading

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Amish Barn Raising Pictures

This afternoon these pictures of an Amish barn raising came across our Facebook feed.  As I scrolled through the comments, I noticed the photographer (Randy Fath) said he was fine with anyone wanting to share them. He didn’t have to … Continue reading

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The Hula Hoop Tree

The Hula Hoop tree. ______________________________ If you’re looking for a fun whimsical road trip idea, consider tracking down the Hula Hoop tree. Here is a clue….it is located in Eastern Iowa…North of Iowa City, South and West of Dubuque. ______________________________________ … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts On Coffee

Mrs DM re-organized the closets again this  weekend, putting all of the medical supplies in one area. I received five bags of Starbucks  French Roast (whole bean/ not ground) for Fathers Day …..  I didn’t have room for all of … Continue reading

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It is possible

  I remember reading the book Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald way back in the mid 1980’s.  I remember writing out various long term life goals, mostly in the interpersonal relationship realm, but other goals as well. At … Continue reading

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Morning Cure

Morning Cure 6:00 AM The sweet unmistakable smell of freshly cut drying hay greeted me this morning when I woke up….. it reminded me of a Grant Wood painting. DM  

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Small stand of  rye _______________________ Took this picture Saturday morning, just as the fog was starting to burn off.   I planted some rye late last fall for a cover crop in the garden, decided to let it grow to maturity … Continue reading

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