Had my first (ever) baby chick hatch yesterday.

Out of 24 eggs, it’s starting to look like this one may be an only child

My initial plan was to raise a couple of dozen, eat all the roosters, and raise the hens as replacements.

BUT if this chick does end up being the only one that hatches, I have a feeling it is going to live a long long life.

I promise to post pictures as soon as possible.

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8 Responses to Imprint

  1. Looking forward to pics Doug.

  2. LA says:

    Looking forward to pics!

  3. Jane Fritz says:

    Only one out of 24?! Were these eggs your hens laid and then sat on themselves? Back in the dark ages when we tried this, we let our hens lay on their eggs one season instead of gathering them to eat (yum). They all hatched, but because they were terminal crosses they literally weren’t smart enough to survive. We learned why chickens bred for meat (and eggs as a side treat) are called TERMINAL crosses. They weren’t meant to reproduce! Your one chick should be a cutie, Doug.

    • DM says:

      Hi Jane, Ended up with 2 baby chicks. These were eggs I gathered each day from our 4 hens who are hanging out with the rooster. None of them exhibited the desire to sit on eggs, so I went to plan B..incubator 🙂 Have never heard of “terminal crosses”

      • Jane Fritz says:

        We overwintered a few hens and a rooster we kept from the 50 day-old baby chicks we got each spring to raise for meat. They were crossbred to be good for meat, as I understand it. They were large and all white. We think the cross breeding was “terminal” insofar as not a healthy combination. The hens were happy enough to sit on the eggs, but the chicks that emerged had mottled black feathers and their necks were so weak they couldn’t lift their heads out of the chick waterer tray. All in all, not a good breeding experiment!

  4. charles lee says:

    i had the same problem – my humidity was to high in incubator and the chicks drowned, currently have another batch in and am regulating it at 35-40 percent until three days at the end

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