Not For Public Consumption

Just got home from a Sunday morning trip to Wally World. Early mornings are my favorite time to hunt.

(Hunt= shop/ get in/get out/ how guys shop.)

Wanted to pick up four more 25# bags of sugar for the bees to have on hand. After this week, I now have (6) hives to manage. I’m probably almost done feeding them for now, now that the bees have access to other food sources, (dandelions, etc.)

I didn’t get as many looks this time in the check out, as the last time when I bought 75# of sugar. I think the fact I had 3 bottles of Everclear in the cart may have been a distraction.

After I was done checking out, I leaned over to the check out lady and said, “Do you want to hear something funny? I don’t even drink.”

She cracked up.

Asked me if I minded her telling the other checker, that had helped check me out ?

“I don’t care,” I said,

That resulted in a 3 minute conversation between the three of us on what in the world I wanted with 3 bottles of high impact hooch? I told her I was thinking about marketing “Apple Pie” on our self serve apple wagon, Told her my grandpa used to sell moonshine during the prohibition, and maybe, just maybe, I was tapping into my family roots.

Apple pie= apple cider, cinnamon sticks, sugar, and Ever Clear.

Can you legally sell that?” she asked.

No, I said, That would be illegal.”

“What if you put it in glass jars, and sold it out the back door in a bag.” (That was her talking, not me)

You just never know what you’ll find in my shopping cart.

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14 Responses to Not For Public Consumption

  1. She may have a point Doug!

  2. avwalters says:

    My grampa was a rum-runner in the 1920s. I share your nefarious roots. I buy Ever Clear online for the bees. I’m sure that’s illegal, too.

    • DM says:

      Now you got me curious…what do YOU use the Ever Clear for? 🙂 Have you ever written anything about your Grandpa’s rum-running? Any more details you’re willing to share? Was that in Canada? How old was he? Etc. Etc.

      • avwalters says:

        I use Ever Clear to dilute crystalized oxalic acid, for use either as a frame top “dribble” treatment, or in a backyard fogger, for varroa. (Even if you flush it, it’s really hard on the fogger.) What do you use it for?
        Urban Kelly (my maternal grandfather) ran booze across the Windsor/Detroit border through the mid-twenties. (He was in his early to mid-twenties at the time.) It was a wild and crazy time–they didn’t call them the roaring twenties for nothing. He mostly drank and gambled the proceeds of his lucrative career. By the late twenties, Detroit’s local gangs (Purple Gang, Sugarhouse Gang, the Little Jewish Navy, etc) were being muscled by out-of-area thugs (Capone’s guys, etc) and things began to turn violent. When they started asking him to hurt people, or worse, my grandfather refused, and he was, in short order, frozen out of the group. You were either in, all the way, or not at all.
        The stories he told are part of the basis of my current WIP–someday to see the light of day. Working title, “The Trial of Trudy Castor.”

      • DM says:

        I can’t wait to see your WIP! So you were serious about using it for bees. I’ll be darn! In my case, (if I actually follow through with it) the Everclear is mixed with Appie Cider, Apple juice, cinnamon sticks (see recipe in link) to make the most delicious home brew.I will give it as Christmas present, etc.. We’ve had a pint sitting in the frig since 2017 that I had just a sip of this Fall. They say it gets better with age. It literally did taste like apple pie..

  3. paulsprepping says:

    At least you don’t have ‘senior moments’ where you get into the shop (having left the list behind) and go home because you can’t remember what was on it.

    • DM says:

      It was a fun interaction. 🙂 (I think I had the 2nd checker last time I bought sugar for the bees (75#) I was pretty sure she remembered me from last time.

  4. Deb says:

    If you take up backyard selling of certain products I will deny that I ever read this post or that I have any knowledge of Apple Pie being anything other than a delicious baked dessert 😉

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