Had to send them packing

Six laying hens are the perfect number to keep us supplied with eggs.

When things got weird this past March and eggs were in short supply, I decided to keep a dozen hens.  Then added another 6 to the mix because so many people were asking to buy eggs.  Well, that worked well until the past couple of weeks, then suddenly the eggs were starting to pile up in the frig.  Hated to keep pestering my regular egg customers to see if they needed any eggs,  which I did do, so yesterday I let it be known on Facebook, we had a dozen laying hens that needed a new home.  By last night, they were all gone.

Now we’re back to 6, plus the rooster.


I spotted a broody hen on the nest yesterday.

Have you ever heard of one?

Sticker to the first person who tells me what that is (without cheating and looking it up on Google) 😉

She was still on the nest when I got home from work, so I took a can of red spray paint and painted her tail.  I can’t tell one chicken from another, so I’m  hoping I didn’t accidentally send her packing last night when I was catching chickens in the dark.

I’ll know more in an hour.


We have guests with us currently whom we haven’t seen in 30 years.  We met them when we lived in West Milford New Jersey.   They reached out to us a month ago, when they were making plans to visit Mount Rushmore. Since we were just an hour  out of the way on their route, they asked if they could spend the night.


It has been good to catch up on life.

Any of you have any plans to travel any time soon?    If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Well, I can hear our guests stirring so I better call this a wrap.

Any thoughts on supply and demand, broody hens, vacations, friends you haven’t seen for a while, living on the East Coast, or whatever else is on your mind?

Sounds like today is going to be a cooker.

Glad I have the day off.

Take care. DM

Update 45 minutes later…good news!   The broody hen is still  here. 🙂  I didn’t accidentally grab her in the dark when I was catching chickens.  Life is good.

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19 Responses to Had to send them packing

  1. LA says:

    No idea what a broody hen is. Would love to travel….but hesitating….

  2. That is one helluva egg and must have hurt!
    A friend had a broody hen and kept glass eggs to replace any she laid.

  3. avwalters says:

    A broody hen can be a problem–for her that is. You can give her a bunch of eggs to hatch, or you can try to break her broody cycle. My sister has done this–it involves lowering her body temperature with repeated dunkings in cold water. She says, if you don’t break the broody cycle, the hen will continue to try to raise a clutch, during which time she won’t eat enough and will degrade her health. What wannabe parents won’t do!

    Friends visiting combined with a Mt. Rushmore trip? Yikes. Did they attend the super-spreader Covid-19 rally before visiting? The numbers coming out of Tulsa right now are not encouraging. Stay safe.

    • DM says:

      I am partial to broody hens… think that trait has been somewhat bred out of chickens in general. Ever heard those tricks you mentioned trying to get them to stop. You are right…the few times we’ve had one, they got pretty gaunt in the process.

      • avwalters says:

        I have a friend who has broody hens. He won’t recommend Buff Orpintons as a result. During the process, their body temperature rises, and they don’t eat–so they go gaunt from two causes.

  4. Kristina says:

    Crack raw eggs in ice cube trays and freeze them. Then just throw them in the pan for a scramble or omelet

    • DM says:

      When you come, you can show us how to do that 🙂 (after you get done painting the hive boxes, and stenciling the apple crates, and…..and….

  5. paulsprepping says:

    Oh err.
    Not being funny but is there anyway you can persuade your friends to have ‘the test’.
    If they are carrying, you need to know now and get them out FAST.
    They you get 2 weeks off, self isolating.

  6. Laurie says:

    We have a broody buff orpington. I wonder if I were to put a chick under her if she would raise it. We’d ordered meat chickens and got the “rare breed” free chick with the bunch. What am I to do with 1 layer chick?

  7. valbjerke says:

    I would let her have half dozen eggs….being as you have a rooster. We mark an X on the eggs we let them set on….the other hens like to ‘add to the batch’. If the originals are marked, yiy can continue to fetch the fresh ones.

    • DM says:

      I like that idea! ( marking eggs) Haven’t decided whether or not to let her set or not…need the remaining eggs to keep with what demand. Probably should have kept back a couple more

  8. Scott says:

    Broody hen? Heard of it? We have one. Wondering why you painted her tail… She knows who she is, and the others know where to lay if there’s enough boxes. What you should do is mark her eggs. Red crayon around the egg every few days. (it wears off) so you don’t pick up the wrong eggs.
    +1 covid test, +1 freeze eggstra eggs (lol had to)

    • DM says:

      Marked her because she was not on the nest all the time and I planned to thin the flock, didn’t want to accidentally send her packing (all but 2 of the hens look alike)

  9. emjayandthem says:

    Always enjoy your posts about your “girls” – hope the 6 went to good homes !

    Of course I know what a broody hen is 🙂

    Do you give your girls oyster shells by chance? My Dad always did … MJ

    • DM says:

      Ended up parting with 12 of them. I think they all went to good homes. I was feeding them oyster shells, and then the past month, started letting them out @ noon to forage, so they were getting their grit off our gravel driveway. Have a good weekend MJ!~

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