The Hum of Ten Thousand Wings

Living here on this 140 year old farmstead  never gets old….

I was out in the garden/orchard just now soaking it all in.

The temps this morning are in the mid 60’s,  there is a light breeze.  Great way to start the weekend.

I’m already working on my 2nd pot of coffee. 🙂

First thing that caught my eye  this morning in the garden is the difference in size between the potato plants I’d planted in the older portion of the garden bed and the potato plants, growing in a fresh mulch.  I learned a couple of years ago, that fresh wood chips (and anything else that is just starting to break down), will actually suck the nitrogen out of the soil as it breaks down, short term.  Plant something in these areas and  they will struggle.  The struggling potatoes looked half the size as their neighbors , and were slightly discolored.  I thought I’d made allowances so that wouldn’t happen, but apparently, not enough.

Live and learn.

A  garden is my laboratory.

I’ve told you that before, right? 🙂

I think sometimes about the collective wisdom of older generations.  Too often things like this don’t get passed along to the next generation, which is why I keep those various 3 ring binders on the book shelf, in case you’re ever interested, feel free to thumb through them.

Anyway, so I took some of the ripe compost from the compost pile and amended the soil around 1/2 of the struggling plants this morning.  It will be fun to see if it makes any difference.

I filled the buckets of compost with my bare hands. 🙂

I sure did.

Did it on purpose too.

Would never have done that five years ago.   The more I learn about the connections between healthy soil and our personal health, the more intrigued I become.

There are physical and mental health benefits that come along with working in the soil.

Check out these articles if you doubt me :-):

 Read this

or  this.


When I went to check on the bee hives,  there were just a handful of honey bees coming and going.  Most of the hive was still inside.

As I stood there,  (maybe 4 or 5 feet behind the hive)  I could here the hum of tens of thousands of tiny wings.  I felt like I was standing on a WW 2 aircraft carrier listening to  airplanes getting ready to take off.

It was the sound of power.

Well, sounds like I’m starting to wax a little philosophical, so I’m going to wrap this one up.





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16 Responses to The Hum of Ten Thousand Wings

  1. pgraysurvival says:

    The wisdom of our elders.
    I’ve always said you ignore that knowledge at your peril.

    You may remember me talking about being lucky enough to be gifted some of the old ways by tramps (US – Hobo’s), city homeless, poachers and most recently canal boat gypsies.
    Problem is, apart from my lovely wife,I’ve no one to pass that wisdom onto.

    Worst bit about is no one cares any more, nobody is listening.
    Too many are wrapped up in their technological world.
    Too many think modern ways will save them.
    Chemicals in farming, that sort of thing.
    And even worse, many think the government will look after them.

    Living in a town now we’ve lost access to the natural things we loved.
    We try as best as we can by growing our own, caring about wildlife.
    As for the bees, we’ve got a success story.
    So we’ve got beneficial flowers (bee friendly) everywhere and as a result we’ve got very happy bees. Why does that matter to us?
    No bees and the world dies, and I defy anyone to say anything different.

    • DM says:

      I don’t think I remember hearing about the canal boat gypsies..I’m sure you would have written about them? If so, would you mind posting a link. Reading this one Paul, makes me think, you and I could spend hours and hours talking about things…wish you lived closer. Glad you guys are helping out your local bees 🙂

      • pgraysurvival says:

        It was when I was scribbling as Thoughtfully Prepping some 3-4 years ago. While I haven’t got a link now as TP is gone, I have the text so I’ll redo the post for you Doug.

      • DM says:

        Sweet! thank you!~ Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Deb says:

    I’m always a bit envious Doug, when you describe the farm. I think I could have easily been a farm gal. I might have rebelled a bit as a teen, but now I can’t really think of anything better than an older home, some animals, nature, and the sense of doing for myself with my own hands.

    • DM says:

      I hear you Deb. You never know what life has in store for you. Just the fact that you have those thoughts, “I can’t really think of anything better than an older home, some animals, nature, and the sense of doing for myself with my own hands.” tells me you would take to those circumstances like a duck to water….Ever thought about moving in that direction? (ie rent something in the country, still close enough to work, etc. etc.)..we rented an old farm house twice now..still gave me access to the dirt where I could putter and mess around.

      • Deb says:

        I think about it all the time Doug, but am forcing myself to wait on anymore big decisions until I turn 62 and figure out how some change in finances from my divorce will play into my ability to do more, stay put, or move to a tent under a bridge… Fingers crossed it’s not the last one 😉

      • DM says:

        Makes sense to me. How’s the neighborhood lately? Any new neighbor stories? Really enjoyed that little exchange you had last week with the lady @ the store. Little did she dream her little act of kindness might ripple across the Internet and touch some dude thousands of miles away. 🙂 There is a proverb that talks about the power of our words…”life and death are in the power of the tongue.” It really is true.

      • Deb says:

        The neighborhood is beautiful with growth and wonderful things to look at as I walk each morning. We have have 3-4 houses on my regular walking route with backyard chickens so I feel a small sense of country life 🙂 I’ve met some very nice people on my walks as well. A good place to live…

  3. We were in the field a couple weeks ago and heard an incredibly loud buzzing off in the distance toward the river and a bunch of woods. I mean a massively loud buzzing. Never saw anything, but a lot of large “bees” racing toward the sound. Still wondering what it was…

  4. chickenfarmerx1 says:

    Well, I had to leave a message on their machine and just heard back. The guy from the county extension didn’t know, but said it sounded to him like it was a swarm of bees. He didn’t have a suggestion for what kind of bees either, and I think he was annoyed with the question. So there you have it! I am going to take a walk down there and see if I can see anything.

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