2018 Japanese Beetle Plague

They say, I picture is worth a thousand words.

Two nights ago, I made a point to check on the peach trees. (We currently have 7)   There were 3 or 4 Japanese beetles on the tree.

3 or 4!

Made a mental note to pick  peaches on Saturday (three days later).  Would rather pick them before they were 100% ripe than wait and let the Japanese beetles get them.

When I got home from work last night, this is what I saw:

Crazy just how much things can change in just two days.


Funny, this morning I was reading along in one of the on line gardening groups I belong to. Someone shared their garden this year was a “bust”  ie. complete failure… Half a dozen other gardeners then said the same thing.  Several different reasons, but all experiencing the same thing.  Reading those  several comments actually encouraged me.  I was encouraged because,  failure goes part and parcel with life.

I can focus on the nasty beetles  (and I  sometimes do) or I can look @ our Cortland trees  this season, limbs loaded with fruit, that the beetles have left alone and be thankful.

Sometimes I hit it out of the park, and other times….

🙂 DM


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16 Responses to 2018 Japanese Beetle Plague

    • DM says:

      Yea, I had pretty much resigned myself to loosing a bunch of apples to them again, but had hoped to get the peaches picked before they got them. Timing is everything my brother in law quipped again last night.

  1. Deb says:

    That’s crazy Doug, and really gross! Hope you manage to salvage some edible fruit.

  2. shoreacres says:

    Good grief. That’s almost unbelievable — except there it is. If you show up to pick, do they flee? (or fly?) I’m not sure how I’d feel about picking insect-covered fruit.

  3. DM says:

    I left the ones covered with beetles alone, and picked the fruit below it. As long as I didn’t bump them too hard, they stayed put (the beetles) Nasty little buggers.

  4. Charles says:

    I have had Success hand casting “dirty” diatomaceous earth on trees in the morning when dew is still on the japs hate it.

  5. Our tomatoes, even the failed plants now, have finally gone nuts. Good harvest of onions, and we are getting loads of green beans. As Hubby can’t eat fresh tomatoes now, I shall freeze some and hope they’re OK in my pasta dishes for him, as much as I love them, there is no way I can eat them by the ton. I’ll be a big red blimp!

  6. Laurie says:

    Diatomaceous earth: 1 cup to a gallon of water in a sprayer.

    • DM says:

      Just got done ordering some. thanks for the tip. Spent several hours this weekend, reading and weighing my various options…Not going to be a quick fix. Read that 1 female Japanese beetle can lay up to 60 eggs…no wonder the numbers keep growing exponentially.

  7. Jon says:

    I used some of those “beetle bagger” pheremone-lure traps and captured pounds and pounds of them. It eventually cut down on the population.

    • DM says:

      I’ve used them in previous years..I’m starting to wonder though if I didn’t inadvertently, draw more to my property by doing it. From what I read, I should have put them several hundred yards away from the orchard..(I didn’t )

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