Two years ago, my aunt Rosie gave me a cardboard  box of 35 mm slides she’d inherited from her aunt Annie from Germany. there were probably two to three hundred slides.    Most of the slides were taken before I was  born.  I am in that season of life where I am trying to  downsize,  so wasn’t  sure I even wanted that box.

We didn’t own a slide projector, and  my neck quickly got stiff holding those old slide up to the kitchen light.

I soon realized I had a small gold mine of family photos….

Here is the very first slide I looked at:


That’s me on the left. Aunt Annie and my brother Steve on the right…The year…about 1961. This would have been taken at my grandparents farm.



My grandpa unloading hay


Grandpa’s farm dogs Butch and Feedie waiting  in the truck to go to town.


And on a related note….

Last night, a book of poems on our book shelf caught my eye. I wasn’t quite ready to hit the sack, and was definitely not in the mood to watch a movie, so thumbing through a book of poetry sounded more in keeping with my mood.  The poet’s name was Leonard L. Tews.   He’d stayed in our B and B several years ago, and sent us his book of poetry  after his time with us.

His poem Threshing Picture put me in mind of this photo of my grandfather  from the box:


Grandpa is 2nd from the left


Threshing Picture

There they stand

like stones of stonehedge

with musty

nineteenth century notions.

They smell of dusty sweat

and horses:

they itch of thistles

and rustic ambitions.


I can tell by shadows

under the horses

that they have stopped

for dinner just

at noon.

The hot threshing machine –

its noise of wheels and belts

is quiet


There stands my father’s father,

with my build,

sturdy in work pants

and cavalry suspenders

long-sleeved shirt

and underwear buttoned

to the neck,

in mid-western summers….


I’ll stop here.  Mostly wanted to share these snapshots with those  of you that subscribe to this blog.

Life is moving at a quieter pace currently and I’m OK with that.




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10 Responses to Snapshots

  1. Nice to have old photos. We have a box full of our own memories, and those of my family have been put in collages around the boat now..

  2. Jane Fritz says:

    This poem captures so much so well. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Deb says:

    Perfect poem to illustrate that picture. I love old photos like this!

  4. Wonderful photos. A treasure.

  5. Family snaps remind and that’s nice.
    But later as death removes the person,
    It’s only memories that keep them alive.
    To hear their voice, their feel their touch,
    To know their thoughts and their loves.

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