Picture of our Honey crisp apples

I stopped by our self serve apple wagon an hour ago to check on sales… One of the honey crisp that had a blemish in it, so I removed it from the cooler and stuck it in my pocket.   It wasn’t that bad of a blemish so I decided to eat it as I continued on my errands.  Three minutes later, I noticed the texture of the apple seemed a little “off” so I  pulled the apple out of my mouth to take a peek.

(By this time, I had eaten 90% of the apple, all except for the core and the ends..)

Everything looked just fine….until I turned it over.

There was an inch and one half  long  open worm tunnel…



What is the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten? (either by accident or on purpose.)  I promise I won’t tell anyone! 😉 DM

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20 Responses to Texture

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    You probably did eat him but that’s OK. Some people pay lots of money for the privilege. 😉

  2. Nicole Moestchen says:

    When we made apple pie filling a few weeks ago we found several worms in the apples from Ryan’s parents. As I was cutting apples up I thought I wonder how many of these we ingest on accident. Do you spray for worms? And if you do what do you use? I vaguely remember my grandpa Bergfeld putting a jug with some substance on his trees.

    • DM says:

      I do spray for both insects and various diseases. (can’t remember the names of the various chemicals) I do spray, but not to the extent the apples are completely bug and disease free…to do that, you literally have to give the trees a chemical bath every 7 to 10 days…even though they say if you follow directions, everything is safe, I refuse to believe that is the case..I’m willing to live with a certain percentage of slightly defective apples and keep the chemicals to a minimum.

  3. shoreacres says:

    I did eat fruit bat once, in a Liberian village, but I didn’t know it until I found the W-shaped bone from the wing in the bottom of the bowl. Actually, the soup (stew) that contained it was pretty tasty. Since fruit bats eat only fruit and other vegetation, the meat’s good. But I’m not going to eat any of the Mexican freetails that fly around here!

    • DM says:

      Yummy! those darn W shaped bones, will give it away every time 🙂 Our bats eat mosquitoes here..(and they are so darn small) don’t think I would be tempted to eat any of those either..no matter how hungry I was.

  4. emjayandthem says:

    those apples make my mouth water ~ my favorite kind and can’t wait to hit the orchard near here and get some 🙂

    Pretty sure I’ve ingested bugs before – galloping flat out on my pony, cap guns a blazing, my face red and wild, hair splayed behind me. No regrets. Riley. He was 1/2 Welsh and 1/2 Arabian – smart, stocky and fast 🙂 MJ

    • DM says:

      Riley. very neat that you still remember him. I remember seeing pictures of your mom and dad, with a horse trainer… do you ever think about getting another horse? 😉

      • emjayandthem says:

        I will never forget Riley, he was amazing. I probably won’t have a horse b/c I was so spoiled by having land, oats, hay, a barn etc. I don’t want to rent the space and ride in a circle — no comparison 🙂 MJ

      • DM says:

        I hear you! Maybe when you guys retire, you can find a farm? 😉 Just a thought.

  5. Seeking Joyful Simplicity says:

    Beautiful apples! Sorry about the worm, though.

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