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Conversation With A Zen Master

Conversation with a Zen Master Like many Westerners in the late sixties, I wanted to be somewhere else in my religious journey.  Confusion reigned in the kingdom of my mind, and I yearned to construct a framework of understanding that seemed … Continue reading

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Measuring Long Term Stress

Friend of mine  had his machine shed catch fire yesterday.  Fortunately no one was injured, but I keep thinking to myself, the stress level in his life has got to be off the chart.  He was diagnosed with prostrate cancer … Continue reading

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The Farmer’s Wake

It happened the  Fall of 2012.  The first time I  read a  poem  that  I instantly connected with. Heck, it was the first time I’d ever connected w/ a poem, period. I mentioned recently, I live in the Hinterlands far … Continue reading

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My Spiral Into Depression

My Spiral Into Depression I learned at CCEF  “almost anything can be at the root of depression: a recent illness in which you get behind in your work, hormonal changes, a reversal of fortune, the consequences of simple negligence, guilt over a particular … Continue reading

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Why you don’t want to come to Iowa

Hinterlands:  a region lying beyond major metropolitan or cultural centers German, from hinter hinder + Land First Known Use: 1890 Synonyms : back country, back lands, backwoods, frontier, outback, up-country _____________________________ Dear Dave, I know you are thinking strongly about … Continue reading

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