Monday  morning I stopped @ our local gas station to fill up.  It was in the midst of the morning commute so when I walked in to pay, the  check out lines were 4 deep.  There was that quiet  tension you feel when everyone around you is under pressure to get somewhere.  When it was finally my turn to pay, after  the girl behind the counter cleared  my check she said. “Have a  super- duper, awesome day.”

Six days later her words are still rumbling around in my head 😉

I have sat down at this computer a dozen times the past week, attempting to write a blog post.  It’s not that I don’t have things to write about.  I try not to post something on this blog unless I just have to get it out.   I decided many moons ago not to put any kind of self-imposed pressure on myself to write.  Currently it feels internally like a bottle of wine under pressure.  There is definitely something  fermenting.  The only problem is 90% of what I’ve written (and not yet posted) has a fair to moderate degree of “snark” attached to it and  speaking only for myself,  there is enough mean spirited-ness in the world.  I could use a little more kindness sprinkled into  my day, so I’d rather not contribute to the former.

So this morning when I again, for the umpteenth time attempted to  get my tangled thoughts down on the screen,  I saw a picture flash on our screen saver :

offer hope

Those words center left jumped out at me: “Embrace Kindness”, which then got me to thinking about that cashier I encountered last Monday, which then got me to thinking about some other  big and small acts of kindness that came my way recently, including the following:

Co-worker John who brought us donuts at work, twice last week.

My friend Jim who brought me home a large bag of fresh coffee beans on a recent trip he took.

Wife left behind  a loving note (and a bag of M and M’s)  when she took off on her trip this past Monday.

Mom gave me my grandpa and Grandma’s antique game last time I stopped by the house for coffee.

Got a long e-mail and follow-up text from a good friend who was checking on us..she was concerned because she’d not heard from us for longer than normal.

Daughter Kathy and husband recently came over with a chicken dinner for us…just because.

Neighbor asked  if I would put some cherry boards in my kiln next time I fired it up, then gave us 5 pounds of hamburger as a thank you.

Old high school class mate I see once every few years, offered to help me install our new furnace…just because he likes learning new things.

Young man I bought the furnace from, changed his mind and helped me install our new furnace recently, for 1/2 of what he could have charged, when I offered him an additional $500, he refused.

Those all took place within the past three weeks.

I told my wife this morning that acts of kindness are so quiet, they can be here and gone before I know it.  They are like the morning and evening shadows that I have learned to pay attention to.   They  (the shadows) only last for a few minutes, and if I am not tuned it, next thing I know, it’s dark.



Morning shadows

evening light

Evening Shadows


Tell me about a recent act of kindness someone did for you.

I want details. 😉 DM


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6 Responses to Kindness

  1. shoreacres says:

    Wonderful photos. And thanks so much for bringing to mind one of my favorite songs. You know this one.

    Thanks for the link Linda! DM

    • shoreacres says:

      Oh – you took down the post with the wonderful photos of your place? Well, I just re-read the email, and wanted to say again how much I admire the steps you and your family have taken to adjust, and readjust to new realities. There are a lot of people trying to travel the same path, and sharing stories is a great way to do it.
      thanks for the feedback on that one Linda, I started second guessing myself on it, so I put it on private. think I will repost it in a day or two. ;-)DM

  2. Mary says:

    “that acts of kindness are so quiet, they can be here and gone before I know it. They are like the morning and evening shadows that I have learned to pay attention to. They (the shadows) only last for a few minutes, and if I am not tuned it, next thing I know, it’s dark.”
    what a beautifully written perspective on acts of kindness… thanks for sharing!
    thank you for the kind words Mary! DM

  3. I agree, there’s enough snark in the world. I think that’s why I like to come over here, although you sure had me wondering what I’d stumbled upon with your “illegal runaways” awhile back…I’m still chuckling over that one.
    thanks Georgette! Appreciate your kind words 😉 DM (and your VERY kind note to me last Spring after I’d written about financial pressure and your practical suggestions on possible ways to generate some extra $) DM

  4. LOVE reading your posts they inspire me to get going on my blog. Maybe now that the cold is moving in again 😦 I’m not looking forward to it. My neighbor being the awesome person he is locking up our chickens for us. I can’t think of any other random act’s of kindness I have received recently. I often seem to be the one on the giving end. A family friend of our’s recently had to move unexpectedly I am working on a meal for them to help ease some of the meal time stress..
    Sounds like you have a great neighbor 😉 DM ps your Home made cinnamon rolls and gift of coffee recently definitely need to be added to my list of kindnesses extended to me!

  5. I love reading your posts DM – they make me wish we were neighbors!
    Hmmm, recent acts of kindness – well the tool rental place didn’t charge me the full rental amount for the box scraper I didn’t get to use when the tractor broke down! It was unexpected and I was extremely grateful for that.
    Thanks for the words of encouragement Laurie! Always good to hear from you. DM

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