Running from the law

Got a thank you note from Dawn and the girls  yesterday.

They are back home.

They’d been living with us since early April.

Not one, but five single females.

Now that is a lot of Estrogen.

I haven’t mentioned this latest turn of events because they were in legal trouble.  Now that they’ve been given the green light to return home,   I can tell you a little more.

I was approached by Chris in early April, and asked if we could provide “temporarily ” housing for  some of his friends.  They’d gotten themselves into legal trouble and it looked like it might be a few months before all of their paperwork could be sorted out.  I had mixed feelings, only because I love my peace and quiet and the last thing I wanted was more drama.   We were told all we needed to provide was a place to stay, food and any other expenses would be taken care of. Our place was  the perfect place to  lay low. Surrounded by corn and bean fields as far as the eye can see.  Makes sense to me.

I finally conceded, and all of us settled into a new routine.  As it turned out,  we all got along just fine.

Dawn was the red-head.  She was my favorite.  She made it a point to say “hi” every time  I saw her.  The other four never really let down their guard.

I get that.

Here’s a picture of their thank you note:

thank you note

Here’s a group picture of them just before they left:

going home3

Dawn and girls heading home.

The town they were from passed a back yard chicken ordinance last week making it legal for them to return home. They’d been given 72 hours to get out of town this past April and living with us ever since.

Here’s Tom Petty’s: Don’t Want To Live Like A Refuge.  Fitting song for a happy ending.


Tell me about a time, you or someone you knew had a run in with the law.  I want to know details! 😉 DM





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7 Responses to Running from the law

  1. LOL….you set that up perfectly, and I fell for it completely. Glad there’s a happy ending.
    Thanks! 😉 DM

  2. Laura says:

    You had me going too!
    Awesome! 😉 DM

  3. Ha! Months before we left the city house our next door city neighbors acquired some guinea fowl. Please know we lived in a very nice subdivision with two story columned houses all in a row. I kept waiting for a crabby, old guy to call the “law” on them. I never heard them inside the house, but I got rather used to their cackling, chuckling over how God had moved them in to help us transition to country living. Kudos to you for providing a logical place for all those females to stay.
    Thanks Georgette!. Good to see you are back in blog land 😉 DM

  4. writewild says:

    Great post DM! We seem to be on the same subject this week, but your post was a lot more fun than mine. Who doesn’t like Tom Petty? Or the girls?
    Thanks Writewild. Good to hear from you. DM

  5. Bill says:

    I didn’t see it coming either. Great set up. 🙂

    Good for you for taking in the refugees/fugitives!
    Thanks Bill. Bet you have a few legal stories you could share! 😉 DM

  6. shoreacres says:

    More and more little towns around here are allowing hens, but there’s a rooster out there in the mix. I heard him crowing last week. I don’t know where he is, but I hope no one gets in trouble.

    Great story, and I’m really glad to hear the girls get to go home!
    Thanks Linda. Yep, no mistaking the sound of a rooster 😉 DM

  7. Hilarious write-up.
    As far as my run-ins with the law, I plead the 5th…………..
    You‘re quick. Bet you may have a story or two 😉 DM

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