Keeping Order In My Private World

This past week  I found out  I got the bid on a project to construct 15 tables for a local bar. There is a May 15th completion date.  That work, in addition to 3 other construction jobs my crew has been working on, caused me to start feeling overwhelmed.  The sheer volume of details I needed to stay on top of started to make my mind go blank.

Ever have that happen?

I’d make a list, several lists, then proceed to lose the lists.

Inside of me there is a place I would best describe as my inner garden.

I wasn’t even aware of its existence until my late 20’s when life’s pressures caused me to stop/ take stock in the multiple activities and responsibilities  I was getting crushed by.  Several (not all) of them I had unwittingly brought on myself.

My inner world was a mess.

The well was running dry.

I’ve written about it before, so I won’t repeat myself other than to say it was a watershed moment in my life where the people pleasing part of me had to tell several significant powerful people in my life “no” all in the same week 🙂

Don’t think that wasn’t fun.

So currently, as a new construction  season begins, our household garden(s), apple orchard and harvest table business all clamor for my attention I have a reference point.

I refuse to get sucked into too many responsibilities.

I crave and need margin.

Taking regular naps does not mean I am lazy, it mean’s I understand how to pace myself.

Feel free to burn your candle at both ends.

Each of us has been issued  only so much wick. 😉

Here are some random things, in no particular order that really do enable me to stay centered most of the time:

Living in the country.  Growing things.   Having a few small animals to tend and love.  Our dog Libby does a great job doling out unconditional love to me.

libby 2011

Libby the Great.

(If you ever come to visit, bring her a bone and you will have a friend for life. )

I am allergic to committee meetings. Period.

Here are a few mantra’s I love:

“Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

“I have the right to change my mind.”

Here are a couple of life changing books I’ve inhaled:

Ordering your Private World- Gordon MacDonald

When I Relax I Feel Guilty by Tim Hansel

And finally here are some pictures  of our East Orchard.  The apple orchard is a great place for me to quiet my soul and regroup:


Spring sunrise in the East Orchard

view as I walk into garden

Afternoon sunshine in the East Orchard

red delicious 2012 crop

Fall  Harvest in the East Orchard


Winter down  time in the East Orchard

Apple tree taking a break, a long break.

Tell me about some of the ways you “regroup” after a long day or period of stress.  I love details.  (Specific beverages, movies, places, people, books, activities hobbies,  etc)

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7 Responses to Keeping Order In My Private World

  1. micey says:

    You have a feast or famine kind of life I see. That’s how the OR is. Florida being the transitional state that it is, work is slowing down now cuz all the old folks are going back north.

    Bike riding I think may be the gift God has given me to just be still, so to speak. I actually ride for miles and don’t think or worry or anything. If only I had known years ago. Haha!
    You have been putting on the miles! DM

  2. Kristina says:

    you didn’t mention Mrs DM or Kristina to your joys of quiet peace. lol. naps, or down time have been getting more focus for me, just to sit and close eyes for 15 minutes helps so much. weeding in my garden is peaceful. reading is good. having an indoor pet is wonderful, they are warm, cuddly and happy to see you,.
    oh and by the way, you will do great on those tables and just ride the wave…one day at a time. Gods got your back. press on.
    Thanks Sister from another mother 😉 DM

    • Kristina says:

      put those books in my box… i want to read them. on my book holder.
      found a box today for your book holder. Probably need to modify it a little..seems like a big box for what it is. Will loan you the books if you want. DM

  3. Wonderful news! Best wishes for a stress free finish! Keep it simple one day at time. You can do it.
    Thanks Georgette! The guys buying the tables stopped last night and loved what they saw…so that was good news 🙂 DM

  4. emjayandthem says:

    If I had an orchard to retreat to you can be sure I would 🙂

    I love the quote about the wick – so true.

    Regrouping for me is stepping back, getting some quiet time alone (I booked this Friday off – whoop) and my music, cooking, putzing around in my house — with or without the fam around me.

    Your pup makes me miss my dog even more.. what a cutie!

    Friday’s a coming! 🙂 Libby is such a charmer. DM

  5. Val says:

    I love the “allergic to committee meetings” – I am borrowing that phrase.
    I like to drive in the car, windows down, singing loud obnoxious songs. That helps me relieve stress and get back to things. I have also started keeping lists on my cell phone. So far I haven’t lost that (knock on wood)

  6. Seeking Joyful Simplicity says:

    Great quotes by DM
    “Feel free to burn your candle at both ends.
    Each of us has been issued only so much wick.”

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