DM’s Coffee Fund

Kristina the Home Engineer (a fellow WordPress blogger and good friend) stayed with us this past week.   One of her acts of kindness was to set up a link to a Paypal account called “DM’s Coffee Fund”

If you look @ the top of this blog, just under the picture header, you will see a page titled “DM’s Coffee Fund”.  Click it and it will allow you to drop some $ in the tip jar, just like a musician’s tip jar, only in this case, I get paid in coffee beans.   Not literally, but almost.  😉  Any money that does come in, I will use to buy Starbucks French Roast beans.

If you’re wondering what this is all about, I will direct you to an earlier post I wrote this past January.

A couple of you have  sent me some coffee in the mail.

Completely took me by surprise.

Kristina,  I’m going to assume you’ll read this at some point…Thank you again for coming to visit.  Mrs. DM said next time you need to stay for  a month.  You fit right into the fabric of our home.  I can definitely see you with a welding stick in your hand.

While she was here, we spent one morning in the wood working shop fabricating a few little do-dad’s for her to take back home.  That was one of the high lights of the week for me.

Well, I feel a nap coming on….

That’s how things roll here in the heart of Merica.

Here’s a picture of Kristina the first time she came to visit us back in 2008.   She fell in love with our pet pig Winston:

KristinaP2008 003

Kristina meeting Winston for the first time.  September 2008


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2 Responses to DM’s Coffee Fund

  1. Kristina says:

    heh heh, Jim asked me what was the highlight and I couldn’t pick out just one. Bunneh eater, woodworking, treasure/thrift hunting, seeing Janet and Don. EVERYthing. Thank you for EVERything. Really, I mean it, you guys mean the world to me.
    Glad you had a good trip! DM

  2. micey says:

    So glad you have a button now!
    me too! Already had a couple of people try it out 😉 DM

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