The Native Americans called it…” this is the place”

The Ioway called this place, “this is the place” or beautiful land

I call it home.

In the Winter, things slow way down….


Cornstalk bales just over the hill to our east

wild turkeys pay a visit

Wild turkeys strutting in our driveway

asparagus gone to seed

Asparagus going to seed in one of my raised beds

Wheat Bread closeup

 My  Grandma’s home made rye bread I made myself

The bread making bug seems to bite more in the winter months.  The smell of freshly baked bread makes me feel all is well ,even if we can’t get to town  cause the road is drifted shut.

Old school aroma therapy


 dormant apple tree in our east orchard

Did you know, that the apple tree needs  over 1500 hours of dormancy  in order to bear fruit? Me thinkith some of us would be more fruitful with our lives, if we intentionally, built some “dormancy into our busy schedule.

Doesn’t mean you are lazy.

Means you are in it for the long haul.

Just my humble opinion 😉

But  finally, it’s Spring….

to the east of our home

Misty morning in March about a hundred yards down the road to our east

misty morning in March

Oak Savanna out by my parents.

wild bees pollinating 4-1-2012 - Copy

wild bee pollinating in our orchard


baby chicks  in my living room 😉


Summer   means long days and  growing things…

appple crop2012

 Summer in the   East Orchard

Apple trivia.  Iowa has perfect soil conditions and climate for apples.  It used to be  the 6th largest apple producing state in the Union until the Armistice day frost of 1940 destroyed many of the orchards.  Since it takes several years for an orchard to mature, and produce an income, many farmers turned their orchards into corn and bean fields.  If you are willing to wait,  an acre of apple trees can produce 10 times the income per acre (or more) than an acre of corn….

just something to think about  😉

Iowa Wheat

Wheat ripe for the harvest in our garden

onion going to seed 2012

Onion going to seed in a raised bed


Wild flowers by the old grey barn

Fall,  time to harvest the apples…


Cortlands ready to pick that line the  driveway


Suncrisp’s in the East Orchard


Honey Crisp


Fall colors on the  grey  barn

wild grapes2011

Wild grapes out behind the barn


Grant Wood grew up about 20 minutes from where I live.

He returned to his roots artistically as he got older, painting the every day things that caught his eye.

I am feeling some of that same impulse .

These  are some pictures I’ve taken the  past couple of years.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably seen many of them before.

Was talking with a musician/writer   friend the other day.

She’s in between jobs and looking for some clarity.

We offered to let her come to the farm for a season to recharge her battery.

(We have a Bed and Breakfast suite that is currently empty and available)

Hope she comes.

It would be fun to have her in the mix.

Living “in this place”  feels like a cross between living in the Shire, Mr Mole’s house (from Wind in the Willows) and Walden.

Over the years, we’ve talked about opening up our home to a writer (musician, or artist) who needs a break.

Not just anyone mind you.

There are times during the year, it would be handy to have some extra help with the apple orchard, or even in the wood shop…

If you’re reading this and happen to stumble across this blog post @ some point and think you would be a good fit  for a month or three…leave  me a comment.  You just never know.

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4 Responses to The Native Americans called it…” this is the place”

  1. micey says:

    Sounds very tempting. Maybe some day Mr DM. Maybe some day.
    You are always Welcome Michelle!

  2. Jane Fritz says:

    This post brings many nice thoughts to mind. You’ve brought together several appealing threads to make a welcoming environment. You’re right, it should be perfect to stir the creative juices.
    Thanks Jane. DM

  3. shoreacres says:

    Beautiful photos. I was thinking about you yesterday when I came across this great spoof from The Onion, that bastion of upper-west-side NYC humor. 😉

    Actually, it’s fairly mild and pretty recognizable to someone who hails from Iowa. I got a kick out of it. You might, too. Iowa Fashion Week Begins
    Yep, they nailed it. nice 😉 thanks for the link. Do you miss those awesome winters in Iowa? DM

  4. emjayandthem says:

    Loved the photo tour of your home …. ahhhh.

    Thanks MJ. You probably noticed I “tweeked” that post from when I first posted it. Decided to arrange the photos seasonally and changed the title. I have a hard time knowing what to name posts sometimes. How about you? DM

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