Living Simply in a stuff oriented world

“For me living simply surrounded by nature is invigorating, a natural tonic to help soothe the soul, an antidote for what so many people, surrounded by gadgets and material things, embrace as “modern living….

    ” …..most people in the world have no place to which they can escape to nurture their spirit…..”

     “I  have come to realize that most of what people spend their time  talking about isn’t worth the energy  to reply or listen in, so I spend most of my time….reading good books, tending gardens, or planting trees.  I’ve learned  that I prefer quietude to chatter.”

Floyd Sandford from Living Simply in a Stuff Oriented World


I (DM) spent the past two days building a harvest table and matching benches.  It has been SOOOOO relaxing and nurturing to my soul.  I have been on a quest to live “simply” for years, and am just now starting to reap the fruit of those choices.  I am surrounded by chickens, multiple gardens, fruit trees, and peace and quiet.  The pace of my life is a fraction of it was 15 years ago, and yet, I think I get more done now than ever.

I find myself noticing the shadows  on things both in the early morning light as well as in the evening….

Iowa Wheat

Iowa Wheat

Things like onion going to seed catch my eye now…where as before, not a chance….

Onion going to seed

Why do these onion pictures make me think of Horton Hears a Who? 🙂

A couple of you know about the latest addition to our family….Little Moe.  Just to prove he is alive and well, here’s a picture of him last week:

 our pet chicken…”Little Moe with the Gimpy leg

We are on the home stretch with our “free range chicken co-op” experiment.  I put the word out locally, that I would raise free range chickens for anyone who was interested…on the condition, they had to help when it came time to butcher.  I had 5 takers…We started out with 60 baby chicks… here’s 4 of them hanging out free ranging.

4 of the 60 heritage  free range chickens we are raising this Summer

view from inside my work shop

view from the orchard, looking toward the East @ one of my garden spots

wild flower that comes up every May around here

And this last picture….if you’re a regular reader to the blog, you may have already seen this one.  I took it this past March…it is still one of my favorites…and gives me a sense of peace whenever I look @ it.  You are more than welcome to use any of the pictures on this blog, but if you make any $ off of it, make sure you cut me in 🙂 Thanks!  DM

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9 Responses to Living Simply in a stuff oriented world

  1. Beautiful photos, especially the last one. I just wrote about chickens and nature’s ability to cheer one up myself today…what a coincidence

    thanks for your comment! I have several others I took that misty March morning as well that are just as good…here’s the link:

  2. nonoymanga says:

    I love the freshness living in the farm!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga
    Thanks! DM

  3. Janet Childs ツ says:

    Gorgeous photos!
    Good morning and thanks Janet! DM

  4. All is right in the world when you take the time to soak in the beauty all around you. Lovely pictures.

  5. jean says:

    I agree with Floyd Sandford. And, like you, living simply has made a big difference in what I notice around me. Simple, simple, simple is the key. Living within the realm of God’s nature gives a sense of quietness. Peace and quiet is so much more a luxurious gem than all the riches and modern tech in the world. I’m glad to see Little Moe doing just fine. I did enjoy looking at your photos. The last one is breathtaking. It’s like looking a peaceful little fairytale place in a world of jarring noise.

  6. timetales says:

    Although we only have a 1/4 acre it still brings back the scents of the farms of my uncles where I spent summers . The photos are wonderful
    Thank you! And where did your uncle live when you were growing up? DM

    • timetales says:

      It was in northeastern Pa. their were three or four farms . they were small 45 to 75 acres that was before the co-ops begin to force them out

  7. shoreacres says:

    Truly beautiful photos. The wheat is especially appealing to me – as is your emphasis on simplicity. Has the drought affected you? I have friends in Kansas who are seriously short of rain – it’s been a hard year for them.

    I notice you posted this on Independence Day. That seems appropriate. I’ve begun to understand that they more simply we live, the more independent we can become.

    Thanks for such a gorgeous post!
    Your welcome! Yes, the drought has hit our area as well. I can’t remember the last time I have seen the crops this stressed…although in the last day we did probably get 1/2 inch of rain or so..they’re already talking about major price increases in corn..I think it has jumped a couple of dollars a bushel in the last month.. related to your thought about living more simply enables us to be more independent..same goes when it comes to debt…reminds me of the proverb…”the borrower is a slave to the lender”..thanks for stopping by the blog! DM

  8. Lis says:

    Gorgeous photos – I feel better just looking at them. Oh, and I’m pretty sure your wild purple/pink flower is garden phlox (Phlox paniculata). It’s native to the entire eastern US and much of the mid-west.

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