Remembering grandma

Grandma came to America in 1929.

She was 23 years old.

Picture of grandma when she was still single.

She came to America with a girl friend.

They, like thousands of others, came by ship…

Grandma second from the right

She told me later, she never saw her father again and didn’t see her mother until after the war. She moved to  Chicago, but came west to  visit her Aunt and Uncle on the farm near Scotch Grove Iowa.  Her aunt and uncle were her sponsors.

Grandma sitting with her Aunt and Uncle Fred and Hannah Otten  shortly after coming to America.

While visiting them  she met my grandpa.  A big strapping farm boy who spoke low German and English.

Side note…Grandma spoke both High and Low German.  She was a city girl from

Wilhelmshaven, Germany  a port city on the North Sea

His parents were good friends with the Ottens….and the rest as they say is history. 🙂

Grandpa told me his friends made fun of him for marrying a “city girl”

He said, “What’s it to them???   They could just  to go to….@%#&” .

Grandma  learned how to milk cows (by hand) .  Grandpa told me he got grandma  a couple of hundred chickens “so she could have her own egg money.”

Dad was born at home, (I’m pretty sure on the kitchen table)

Those had to be tough years..

Here’s a picture of grandma and my dad:

Here’s a song  that reminds me of grandma….

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4 Responses to Remembering grandma

  1. Outrageous work conditions in Athens, Greece says:

    Remembering your Grandma is the greatest tribute.
    She lives forever.
    thank you! 🙂 I stopped by your blog a few weeks ago and read your story. Has anything changed?

  2. emjayandthem says:

    I just loved your photos – how amazing it is to have some of them on the boat! Wow! As a new citizen, I can tell you that their journey really touched me.


    • emjayandthem says:

      To clarify – I grew up in Canada and moved to the US – I am a new citizen, having been sworn in in 2008. Such an emotional experience and one I will never forget. I can finally vote – yay – and never take for granted the opportunities given me in this great country 🙂


  3. jean says:

    Any single girl taking a long voyage over the seas (even with a girlfriend) had to be brave. Not sure I would have been so brave. Aren’t you glad your Grandpa didn’t care she was a city girl? Or you wouldn’t have been here! Your Grandpa thought much about your Grandma to give her so many chickens for her own egg money. I know a few husbands (happily, not mine) who doled out a few dollars to their wives, counting every penny. I love history and stories of people like this.
    I’ve said the same thing more than once…if Grandma hadn’t met grandpa I would not be here 🙂 I am just now beginning to appreciate what she went through as a young woman…wish she was still alive so we could talk. Thanks for your visit Jean! DM

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