“Iowa Apples The Best”


      I’m  working on a local history project.   Friday I was in the  library looking through old microfilm going back to 1869.  The following article caught my eye:

 Iowa Apples The Best 

       It caught my eye because my wife and I planted a small orchard (120 trees) in 2002-2003.  2006 was our first good crop (35 bushes) and assuming we can keep the deer at bay, we should eventually get  200-300 bushes a year. 

    The photo above was taken from inside one of our buildings.  You’re looking at one branch on one of our Gala trees.   They are the most delicious crispy sweet apples I’ve ever eaten, period.

     Here’s what the article said about Iowa apples in 1869:

     The last report of the American Institute advances Iowa apples to the front of all others, in plain and graceful words as follows: 

     “The secretary of the Iowa state horticultural society presents samples of Iowa grown fruit, gathered early in September; been exhibited at their fair; traveled 1500 miles three days upon the journey, and yet under these adverse circumstances are the most credible to Iowa as a fruit growing state.  The president stated that those were the finest apples he had seen in the club for the past ten years, and to produce such fruit in great abundance should engage the serious attention of all present.  Prices are very high and every encouragement should be given to their production in localities adapted to their culture.”

     Will you folks who pity Iowa “because it is not a good state for fruit,” please light your pipes with the above testimonial of the highest authority on fruits in the United States, and puff away till your misapprehension is smoked away? As we now raise more and better corn to the acre than any other state, so will we be able to supply the Eastern and Middle states with their “finest apples,”  Iowa is to be not only the cornfield of the country, but also the orchard.  Good enough.  Come to Iowa. 

     The article pretty much says it all.  If you are interested, we will have apples for sale starting mid August.  I would be glad to ship you some when they are ready. (we have 8 different varieties), plus a young tree that was grafted off of the last certifiable tree known to have been planted by Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman).   Any questions or comments?


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3 Responses to “Iowa Apples The Best”

  1. krislinatin says:

    so howmuch does it cost to ship apples?
    there is nothing better than a good crisp cold apple!
    When it get’s closer to the season I can do some checking and let you know (Late August-end of September)

  2. I love gala apples. They are a great variety.

  3. rhosie says:

    they looks delicious…

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