Evening Shadows

evening after the rain


shadows play

outside my window.

In the past, I was too busy

to notice or stop

to savor the



sunset after the rain

View to the West


Out behind the barn.

Update 5/6/2-14   What you have here is me attempting to capture some thoughts I had Monday night after a rain shower, however stammering and unpolished it may be.  The shadows right before sunset were beautiful.  It wasn’t until I was probably in my  late 40’s that I began to pay attention to stuff like that.  DM

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About DM

sitting on my grandpa's farm porch with Feedie
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5 Responses to Evening Shadows

  1. emjayandthem says:

    Remember the words to Simon & Garfunkel’s “Slow down .. you move too fast .. you’ve got to make the moment last … ” (Feeling groovy)

    Slowing down and absorbing nature’s beauty always makes me feel groovy, thanks DM!

    and I loved your poem :)
    thanks MJ! I’m guessing you are sitting @ your mom’s kitchen table right about now enjoying some good conversation. Can’t wait to hear how your trip went when you get back. DM

  2. Lovely photos. Just yesterday as I sat on the porch swing at 5:14 PM CST to be exact I saw the shadows play on our back yard fence. Like reading clouds, I read a fish on the left and a dog on the right. I ran in to get my camera and by 5:15 they were gone! I guess as the old adage goes, “You had to have been there” to know what I’m talking about.
    Thanks Georgette. Mrs DM and I were outside taking a walk this week and she saw a “turkey” in the clouds. I did too but mine was on it’s back and her’s was not :-)

  3. shoreacres says:

    I love Georgette’s comment. I’ve always been a cloud watcher. When we were kids, we’d lay in the grass and watch them pass by, looking for shapes.

    Your photos are just wonderful, and the words are a perfect complement. I like them all, but I think the view to the west is my favorite.
    Thanks Linda!. @ some point I would love to get a better camera, but for now, my little Cannon 560A powershot/ point and shoot will have to do ;-) DM

  4. Beautiful words and pictures. :)
    Thanks Kelsey! DM

  5. Bill says:

    I lived most of my life being too “busy” to appreciate the everyday beauties of life. I too was in my late 40s when I began to change. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m much better now.

    Great post. It resonates.
    Thanks Bill! funny thing my blog posts go to “blogowogo which is a blog clearing house where they are rated from 0 to 5..this post did not fare well on the ratings so I especially appreciated your affirmation :-) DM

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