Hard Red Wheat. I have some For Sale :-)!

  I (DM) came across the following information two months ago.  It sent me on another  adventure…..

an adventure into the world of bread, bread making, healthy breads (if there even was such a thing)…..

This stuff is really too good to keep to myself…sort of like the Three Sisters Gardening concept...I know there are people who already know this stuff, but for one reason or the other, it is not well-known by the general population.  Unless you run in certain circles, (and I apparently don’t)  this stuff was  all new to me.

Here’s a portion of that original article:

What’s In A wheat Grain?
To understand the benefits associated with milling grain, you need to understand what comprises a whole grain. There are three main layers: the bran, the germ, and the endosperm.
• The bran is the outer layer where all the roughage that helps move unwanted poisons and toxins through your system is found. The bran also contains numerous vitamins, minerals, and proteins.
• The germ is the health center of the grain, overflowing with vitamins B and E, as well as unsaturated fat and protein.
• The endosperm is the starchy white center. Whole grains contain almost 90% of all the vitamins, minerals, and protein you’ll ever need. However, commercially milled products don’t offer you those nutrients. Why? Once milled, the oils found in the bran and germ oxidize and turn rancid within 72 hours. So for commercial purposes, both the bran and germ—and all the nutrients contained within them—must be removed in order to give products a shelf life.  

Hard Red Wheat and Rye for sale

Bread Is Made of What?
The endosperm is all that’s left of the original grain. So you’re basically eating gluten and starch when you eat products off the shelf. For PR purposes, you’ll see breads and cereals claiming to be “enriched with vitamins and minerals!” Don’t be fooled. The fact that a product needs enriching is a sign of how much of its health value has been diminished. Usually only 2-4 of the missing vitamins and minerals can be replaced anyway, and nothing can be done to replace the fiber and protein.

Health Benefits
Although the nation is currently experiencing low-carb mania, fresh whole grain products are in fact good for you. They are low in fat, high in protein, and provide energy for your muscles and body. High fiber found in whole grains helps in the management of obesity, diabetes, hemorrhoids, stroke, and heart attacks. Eating whole-grain foods on a regular basis has been shown to decrease risk for heart disease and high cholesterol levels, and is also thought to lower the risk of breast and colon cancer. Most commercial products reek with preservatives, and bleaching agents. When milling your own flour, you’re able to mill only the amount you need, so nothing goes to waste and you are left with fresh-tasting, chemically unaltered flour.  
Hard Red Wheat and Rye for sale Iowa  


After eating bread prepared from grain you mill yourself, there is no going back. Commercial products will taste stale, even if they’re “fresh” off the shelf. Freshly milled breads can have a variety of taste depending on which grains you chose to mill. There’s fun in experimenting with different grains in your recipes. Try adding or combining buckwheat, spelt (good for people with wheat allergies), oats, rye, wheat, quinoa, millet and many other grains for a never-ending variety of taste.


Hard Red Wheat and Rye for sale  Iowa

 And because of all of this, I (DM)  tracked down a source for Organic  hard red wheat   and Rye, which  I would even sell  to you  if you’re interested.  Leave me a comment and we can talk current prices.  For a lot less than anything I found anywhere else on-line  and no minimum quantity for sale right   here  in River City… Iowa that is.

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4 Responses to Hard Red Wheat. I have some For Sale :-)!

  1. Horseypants says:

    Hello, there is an award for you over at my blog. Stop by to get it. :)

  2. Qazi Ebadullah says:

    There is a Turkish buyer requiring 1,000,000M.T. of American Hard Red Wheat and desires to undertake an annual supply contract to be shipped out to Turkish port.
    Since you are from the farm and this will eliminate a lot of intermediary cost resulting in a competitive price.
    Please let me know the most competitive cif Turkish port price for the required wheat grade and the monthly deliveries that you can make.
    Look forward to receiveing the quotation together with the terms and conditions.

    Qazi Ebadullah
    Chairman & CEO
    Grainers Pakistan

  3. Bob McNamara says:

    I would like to buy about 600 lbs. of wheat.
    Bob I will shoot you an e-mail w/ a quote! DM

  4. Mike Delaney says:


    My wife said carbs are bad. I said, “Humans have been living off carbs for nearly 10,000 years. She said, “empty calories.” I said, I’m going to make bread.” And so I have. Now, I want to grow my own wheat. I have a hobby farm with 2.5 acres to play with. I planted White Dutch Clover for my bees yesterday. I would like to plant some spring red hard wheat ( I think) over my bee food. I have read ISU material that suggests that this will work. There are folks in Dallas Center who will grind my wheat. I was considering contacting my local ag store about seed. I think you likely have what I need. What do you think?

    Oh, Peace Corps 68-70, 900 sq ft cabin in the woods on the farm. Wood stove, no electricity etc. etc. However I live in Des Moines.

    Mike, I will shoot you an e-mail and we can go from there. DM

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