We Don’t Sell Goat Cheese

but we do sell apples  on the honor system.

   When I mentioned this on facebook last weekend, one of my friends said the only time she’d ever seen  anything like that was  in France….she could buy goat cheese from a local farmer on the honor system. 

      Last weekend we did over $200.00 business at our roadside stand with nobody manning the cash register   but a chicken. 

You don’t believe me?  Here’s his picture:

     When I told two of our neighbors (and a few others) what I had in mind, they all looked at me like I was crazy-  “Aren’t you afraid someone is going to steal your apples, or take your money?

“No, I replied.  I’m not…and what if someone makes off with $20.00 or, God forbid a cooler with apples in it, then so what?  If they need it that bad, then let them have it….”

“Well you’re at least going to put a lock on the money box right?


Cause here’s the deal,  sure there are some “bad apples”  out there, but I’m convinced the majority of people are not

       I even have some evidence to the contrary.

     My brother, sold asparagus last year, doing basically the same thing on a smaller scale-  He had a cooler with asparagus in it, and a coffee can inside…He told me that more often than not, there was actually more money in the pot @ the end of the day than there should have been…

And then today, someone told my wife @ her  workshop, she’d heard Panera’s Bread was doing something very similar in one of their stores . …and they are thinking about expanding it to other areas.

   I’m a contractor and experience this level of trust all the time-  Just this Summer, someone asked me to oversee the construction of their 4500 sq ft addition on his house.  Here’s what he told me:

     “Doug, I’m busy farming  and to be honest, I don’t know that much about construction. What I would like you to do, is take the ball and run with it.  I trust you.   that’s how I’d like this project to go.”

     Now, let me ask you a question-  when someone entrusts you with that much responsibility and thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money-  are you  going to take advantage of that? 

     Heck no-  that is the ultimate compliment.

       Most of us would do everything in our  power to live up to that trust.

      I look @ this self-serve apple stand in the same way.  I’m offering  fresh, beautiful locally grown  Iowa apples at wholesale cost. 

      I think most people love to be treated that way.

     Here’s a few apple pictures to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

Picture of our 2009 Gala’s

Picture of our Ginger Gold’s

Picture of our Honeycrisp’s

     Ever seen the movie Pay It Forward?

    This is one small way for me to light my candle and change the world.

     Have a great day… 

       and how many apples did you say you wanted ? ;-) 



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10 Responses to We Don’t Sell Goat Cheese

  1. Andrea says:

    I read so seldom here but for about three years. And I must say: I just like it. DM, your articles are always so simple yet deep.

    Thanks for sharing (and I have never heard of Pay it Forward but was pleased to see that amazon in Germany sells it…).

    Wondering, though, how the home made bread recipes are coming along?

  2. lawyerchik1 says:

    What a great post, DM!! And you’re right: being the guardian of someone else’s trust is a wonderful thing. :)

  3. Joy says:

    This is a wonderful system. It may not work in a big city or where there are homeless but like you said, if someone needs it that bad, let them have it. You have to look at it for what it is. If you can’t afford to lose them you shouldn’t do it but if you can, it’s great. People don’t want to rob you if you’re trusting them. Our local apple orchard has a little gift store in it. It’s small but they have pies and various baked good, dried flowers, homemade jams and jelly’s and just little goodies and it’s open all the time and it’s on your honor. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember. You go in, take what you want and drop the money or check in a drop box. They can’t be losing money because this is a big part of their income. Honest pays off.

    Good for you DM. I love that you did this. I love your stand and I LOVE THE CHICKEN.

  4. danakx says:

    Looks yummy! Loads of produce is still sold this way every summer, where I grew up (on the Eastern Shore of Maryland). Not so much here in Central Florida.

    I’m thinking about how a system like this (which expects honesty from the other person, and therefore calls them, consciously, to that standard) might work at home–maybe have a candy/gum dish out, and the kids can trade it for random, unasked for chores….

  5. Kristina says:

    like the new layout! and the apple selling plan!

  6. fotdmike says:

    Good for you, and I’m sure your honour system will work out fine.

    I’ve often seen something similar here in the UK… generally in rural areas. Very often (especially in the little villages) one can come across garden produce left outside someone’s front gate. Sometimes just with a sign “Help Yourself”, but not infrequently with a little untended pot or box for “donations”.

    I think its a wonderful idea and, as you say, although there are some “bad apples” out there I’m sure the majority of folk honour the trust.

  7. angie says:

    “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”….maybe that’s why people often put their trust in me :0) I, on the other hand, often find it hard to trust others. I used to be so much more trusting….would give everyone the benefit of the doubt….that was until my world view was “poisoned” by a few “bad apples”. I am trying not to be so cynical….love the whole idea of the apple stand…..Really hoping that humanity proves to be more trustworthy….and they don’t give into temptation.
    P.S. Does the chicken have large talons?

  8. Do you have any Gingergolds left? I have GOT to figure out a way to get some! :-)

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  10. free penny press says:

    Salute’!!!! :-)
    Gracias! :-) Any idea how you stumbled across this blog post? I’m always curious on how people have found their way to my blog. DM

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