Stocking Up For Winter

      Tuesday my wife was putting laundry away and came across a pair of underwear- (I won’t tell you whose they were)   filled with small seeds.   “It’s a mouse”  I said- “Looks like you’ve found his   stash.”      The little bugger had been running back and forth from the kitchen counter to the laundry room carrying seeds.  I thought to myself-

A.-  That took a lot of trips and

B.- That took a lot of self control carrying all those seeds  in  his cheeks- I would have eaten  most of them doing the work.

     Here’s a picture I took of that mouse trying to get some of my Swiss cheese:


       There must be a little mouse in me because I’ve been having this urge to store up for Winter as well.

  On Monday, Denny said  he was taking 2 beef to the locker  and wanted to know if I’d be interested in a 1/2 a beef-  at $2.00 a pound.    I asked my wife if that was a good deal- she said  “When 93% hamburger sells for $1.98 that’s a good price….So we spoke for a  quarter of  beef.

(side note- Renee, when you read this- I decided I just couldn’t swap you Winston for 1/2 of a beef) :-)

      We have 6 free range pigs currently plus our resident hog  Winston.   They go through a lot of food in a week, I’m having to buy corn   because they’ve  rooted up most of the pasture-  So as I stood there Tuesday night  giving the pigs pieces of pumpkins we grew this year, I wondered  if the pumpkin patch South of town has any extra pumpkins they’d give away- Halloween is over and maybe , just maybe  they’re just going to throw them away.   So I stopped  Wednesday  night, talked briefly with Virgil….he wasn’t sure- you never know.  Thursday morning our phone rang-  It was the pumpkin farmer-  “Was I the guy who stopped and asked about the pumpkins?”  Well, he’d thought about it and said there was a shed full of pumpkins he was going to have to throw away and it would help him out, if I came and got them. :-)  Friday afternoon I hauled home almost 2 pick up loads of pumpkin. 

    We still have  about 40 bushels of Super Chief, Sun Crisp and Liberty apples for sale from this years apple harvest.

    There’s a fine line between having faith  the Almighty will provide and  personal responsibility.  I’m taking my que from the mouse-  if they think it’s a good idea to stock up for winter then I do too.

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4 Responses to Stocking Up For Winter

  1. Fantastagirl says:

    Is the $2/lb already processed or do you need to pay the locker fees as well. If that price is the already processed price than you got a good deal.

    Otherwise – live weight market steers are going for between $0.80 and $0.90 per pound, according to my local auction house.

    We purchased a 1/2 beef paying $0.85/lbs live weight and then about $220 in locker fees, but that was in March.

    That was processed price. thanks for stopping by the blog! DM

  2. lawyerchik1 says:

    I hear you, DM. I don’t know if it’s cellular memory or the prompting of the seasons, but I’m getting that urge to stock up for the winter, too. I’d love to get a freezer, but logistically, it’s not going to happen until next year. When I get it, though, look out!! :) ‘Course, I don’t have a generator, so I need to be a little careful!! Otherwise, I might end up with a mess (if the power goes out for very long!)…..

  3. Rosanna Seabold says:

    I am ‘squirreling’ away that last paragraph for safe keeping. Well said!

  4. Enola says:

    We’re getting ready to stock up here too – hopefully with venison.

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